We wanted to share an update on RCN activities to look forward to in Spring 2019.

1) We are still looking for a postdoc! The application has reopened and we will start reviewing applications again on January 31. The application materials has been revised, so please check out the ad here and share with others

2) The steering committee has spent a lot of time developing a reading list of papers that we want the whole network to discuss together. The papers are intended to stimulate discussion about the scale of spatial and temporal variability in the ocean, with a focus on how this variability may influence evolutionary processes.

For more information and to see the reading list, visit https://rcn-ecs.github.io/2018_readings/. Shortly after receiving this message, you will receive an invitation to a SLACK channel (EvolvingSeas) that we will use to share thoughts on the papers. We hope you participate in the biweekly discussions!

3) In January we will open applications for the Synthesis Workshop, which will bring together ~40-50 marine scientists, oceanographers, and evolutionary biologists to prioritize lines of inquiry that will advance knowledge in both marine science and evolutionary biology.

4) We’ve had some great Twitter takeovers on our @EvolvingSeas handle, and there are plenty of spots available in the spring! We especially appreciate updates from relevant conferences, suggestions for great papers to read in your subfield, or progress updates from the lab or the field. Check out the link sent out to the ListServ for information on how to sign up.