We invite advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers to apply for competitive research exchange awards ($500-$3000) aimed at expanding their area of expertise or professional network beyond their field of training. Proposed activities should fall under the themes of the RCN. For example, a student with a marine-focused research project may propose to visit a non-marine evolution lab. Conversely, a student studying evolutionary processes in a terrestrial system may propose to visit a marine lab. Applicants must be currently working at a US institution and the proposed exchange must take place in the US. Applicants need not be US citizens or permanent residents.

Applicants can propose 1 week to 2 month visits (the $3000 is only available for a 2 month visit). The applicant can propose to give a seminar, learn a skill, and/or initiate a collaboration. We anticipate funding 10-20 exchanges, depending on the number of applicants and duration of proposed visits. Applicants should provide a budget and justification for the proposed research exchange with dollar amounts in the following categories: travel, lodging, food, materials and supplies.

If the application is approved, the applicant will receive a stipend for the amount approved (which may not equal the amount requested). The host laboratory is encouraged to provide assistance to applicants to secure appropriate housing.

Awards will be distributed to the successful applicant as a stipend based on their proposed budget. The research exchange must occur between March 2020 and March 2021.

We understand that certain individuals may have special circumstances that may make it difficultfor them to travel (e.g. pregnancy, young children, disability). If you have special circumstances, please email us at evolvingseas@gmail.com to determine if there is another way you can apply for support for your professional development.

Interested in hosting? Sign up here if you’d like to be a host. (Hosts do not have to be chosen from this list)

Application Deadline January 31, 2020

Link to Application

In addtion to the application, please email a a single combined document (filename Last_First.pdf) to evolvingseas@gmail.com with the following:

  • Description of your project (no more than one page)
  • Budget and Justification. List the requested amount and describe the justification for the following categories: meals and incidentals, lodging, travel, and materials and supplies. The maximum should not exceed $3000. Please ensure that the amount requested in each category is less than maximum allowable government rates (see instructions for “Budget calculations” below).
  • Letter of support from the host lab.
    • Host letter must include the following text: “I [host name] agree to undertake the tasks assigned to me and my organization, as described in the proposal of activities by [applicant name],and I commit to provide and make available the resources specified therein.”
  • Letter of support from your current PI/advisor
  • Curriculum Vitae

Budget calculations

In the application, we ask that you report the maximum allowable government rates in addtion to your requested stipend amounts in the four categories (and in addition to the written justification). Please see the application for the specific format for stipend requests.

Instructions for looking up maximum allowable government rates (please ensure your stipend request does not exceed the maximum allowable):

  • Calculate the maximum allowable for lodging, meals and incidental expenses for the state you will be visiting. Go to: https://www.gsa.gov/travel-resources. Enter the State and City you will be visiting. Select “Look up rates for Fiscal Year.” Choose the year you will be traveling.

  • If you will be flying, calculate total maximum allowable for airfare. Go to https://cpsearch.fas.gsa.gov/cpsearch/search.do. Choose a departure and arrival city. Note that not all city pairs will produce estimates, please use the closetcity pairs for your calculation. Click on the price listed under “Govt YCA Fare.” Click on Round Trip

  • If you will be driving, the maximum allowable is $0.58/mile