The Diversity of the Indo-Pacific Network

Stretching from East Africa to Easter Island (Rapa Nui), the tropical Indo-Pacific is the largest biogeographic region in the world! Like a bullseye in the middle of the Indo-Pacific, right in the Indo-Malay-Philippines Archipelago, sits the Coral Triangle: the site of highest marine biodiversity in the world. Biodiversity declines in... [Read More]

RCN updates

postdoc ad, spring readings, and more!

We wanted to share an update on RCN activities to look forward to in Spring 2019. 1) We are still looking for a postdoc! The application has reopened and we will start reviewing applications again on January 31. The application materials has been revised, so please check out the ad... [Read More]

Evolving Marine Biology

A famous bird biologist's foray into marine biology

The modern synthesis of genetics and Darwinian evolutionary thought, which began in earnest in the 1930’s, has enshrined many notable biologists in the annals of science history. There were geneticists, entomologists, paleontologists, botanists, and ornithologists all involved in reconciling Mendelian genetics and the theory of descent with modification. One of... [Read More]